Orgie - Hemp! Intense Orgasm Serum | 15ml

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Hemp! Intense Orgasm is an arousal intimate gel formulated with active ingredients that deliver instant vibrating effect, warming and cooling sensations, combined with the moisturiSing properties of the Hemp Seed Oil and other active ingredients that enhance the arousal and intensify orgasms. It does not contain THC and CBD but offers a whirlwind of sensations and pleasure for the couple.

Approximately 75+ doses per bottle. 

How to use:

Apply a small amount on the intimate areas. Reapply if desired. For first time users we recommend starting with 1 pump dose and adjust the dosage according to what feels arousing and yet comfortable for you.

Hemp! Intense Orgasm was developed to promote and enhance the arousal sensation,
a whirlwind of pleasure for the couple.


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