XLube - The DIY Lube That Will Make 20+ Litres | Easy To Mix

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X Lube is the safest, slickest, sexiest personal lubricant you will ever experience! Just add to water. X Lube is 100% pure and long-lasting, and is a high performance powder lubricant, containing no additives, just pure, intense personal pleasure; powdered!

Watch our short video to see how it's done.

100g of X Lube makes 20 litres of slick lube. This lube feels natural with a great slide, with an easy mix/easy clean formula. Neutral in taste and odourless, this lube has no preservatives, certified as non-cytotoxic and is hypoallergenic.

How do I mix X Lube?

Most importantly: always add X Lube powder to water and not the other way round. The rest is straightforward.

If you mix it in a bottle or a sports bottle just follow the step-by-step guide on the bottle and the leaflet attached.

Should you prefer to mix it in a bowl, fill it with warm water and use a fork or something similar and slowly stir the powder in. Occasionally stir the mixture again until it has dissolved. You can use the gel after 20-30mins, but it’s best developed after an hour or so.

Don’t use a blender or mechanical mixer as it chops the lube apart turning it into water.

Safe for use with condoms, gloves, leather, neoprene and toys.


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