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Drive your lover wild with the Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel. The cool peppermint flavored hardening gel formulation is designed to increase nipple sensitivity intensify tingling sensations and promote a long-lasting erect nipple effect. The lip-smacking minty gel is supplied in 0.5 Fl Oz/15 ml tubes for easy and precise direct nipple application. This arousal gel is a unique hardening gel formulation that keeps your super sensitive nipples perky hard and erect for longer periods of erotic playtime.

The easy to apply gel is cool to the touch and has a lickable fresh peppermint taste that your lover will adore. To use apply a small amount to your fingertip and sensually massage the gel into the nipples. For shared mutual pleasure ask your lover to do it for you! On contact the nipples will harden and become fully erect and ready for licking tweaking and sucking fun. Use the sensitizing arousal gel as an exotic intimate play aid during foreplay. Lovers of nipple play will have extended orgasmic pleasure.

Your permanently erect nipples will be craving your partner’s playful touch and exploring tongue. The flavored arousal gel is suitable for him and her and for the first time and experienced users. The discreet travel-sized tube also makes it ideal for intensified stimulation pleasure away wherever you go.


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