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There's a reason Fleshjack chose Brent Everett as one of its hottest sex toy models. He's a veteran of gay erotica, and his techniques certainly bring out the ecstasy in every partner he's with. You can slide deep inside Brett and feel the pleasure for yourself with this realistic sleeve. Beginning with an opening expertly crafted using Brent as the model, the pattern of this toy's interior took its inspiration from Brent's armband tattoo; two distinctive bands clustered close together offer a tactile gripping of your length before the passage narrows for an enjoyable tightening sensation. Then you'll encounter the double band texture once more, repeating the pattern over and over as anticipation climbs. The combination of these two textures results in a romp that plays equally well with every stroke whether your pace is slow or fast. Draw out the sensations with slow and steady strokes or speed up the pace for a breathtaking ride.


The Squeeze is exactly as advertised: an erotically tight toy that caresses your entire length, from the cheeky orifice modeled exactly on Brent Everett's own tight opening all the way to the final delectable squeeze at the end. The first chamber resembles the threads on a screw, multiple ridges packed together in a narrow passage that is brimming with tactile sensations as you penetrate deeper. Entering the second chamber, you'll encounter a series of undulating waves that caress the head and length of your shaft both going and coming. If you like it tight and sensuous, this is the perfect toy for you. It's ideal for both stamina training and general play.


If you've ever fantasized about what it's like to have sex with Brent Everett, this is your chance to let your imagination run free. Modeled after Brent's own body, this dildo measures in at an enticing seven inches of insertable length and over five inches of girthy circumference. Crafted of platinum-cured silicone with realistic veining and a gentle curve designed to target your prostate, this is one toy you'll love having in your collection for either solo or partner play.


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